The Spirit of a Woman

In May of 2010, The Spirit of a Woman, Stories to Empower and Inspire, edited by Terry Laslzo-Gopadze, was released to high endorsements for its authentic, engaging and universal stories.  My story, No Apologies Necessary, shares the story of meeting the man who hit me with his car, causing the loss of my leg, and our reconciliation.

Here is a link to New Dimensions radio with an interview with Terry Laslo-Gopadze:

Scroll down for a free listen to part of the interview in which No Apologies Necessary is featured or you can download the entire interview for a small fee.

Reviews for The Spirit of a Woman, Stories to Empower and Inspire:

The Spirit of a Woman is filled with stories from women who at key points in their lives, acted authentically; any one of them could be a role-model who inspires you to do what is true for you.”

-Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of Crones Don’t Whine and The Millionth Circle


“Knowledge that matters, that helps us to live, comes to us through honest stories. And these only surface because of the courage of those who admit to the messy splendor of living. In her collection, The Spirit of a Woman, Terry László-Gopadze has gathered through her own deep listening a remarkable host of such stories from wise women from around the world. And so the medicine here is twofold: demonstrations of how to be a spirit here on earth and living examples of how the feminine works to enliven our place in the Universe. This book will help you meet yourself and the world.”

-Mark Nepo, author of Facing the Lion, Being the Lion


“I have no doubt that some of the stories in The Spirit of a Woman will remain with me forever. All of them illuminate a core truth: The shape of a woman’s life is formed not only by circumstances and events but by her resilience — from which can unfold unexpected resourcefulness and moments of sheer grace.”

– Charlene Spreknak, Author of Missing Mary


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