I do no define myself by the wrinkles making a road-map of my face,                                                                                                                                                       I am side-splitting laughter; I am anguish and pain; I am joy unfettered.

I do not define myself by my jiggly butt or round tummy,                                                           I am nourished and grateful for my food; I am thrilled with my sweets; I am intoxicated with culinary delights.  I nourish myself not just through good food, but by the appreciation of it.

I do not define myself by my gray hair,                                                                                          I am a compilation of every reason my hair has turned gray.

I do not define myself by my swollen, achy foot,                                                                           I am sure footed, confident of where I plant each step.

I do not define myself by my nearsighted eyes that can’t see passed the rainy windshield,                                                                                                                                            I have vision grander than my eyes will ever see. I see the whole picture, the aerial view.

I do not define myself by the bursitis plaguing my hip or the tendonitis in my butt,               I am walking into my future with a steady gait and sure direction.

I do not define myself by my abbreviated body,                                                                           I am a whole woman who realizes that, though parts of my body can be cut off, no doctor in the world can cut me off from my soul.


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