A Wonderful Night

When I walked into the Seattle Sheraton last night to attend and speak at the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation’s annual auction, the air was humming with excitement.  The Caring Clowns were roaming the silent auction rooms cracking jokes and the wine was flowing.

Well into the live auction, after dinner was finished, I went up to the podium to make ‘the ask.’   At first I was nervous, but when I remembered what it was that I was doing – simply sharing my story – and why I was doing it – not just for the POF, but for the many amputees in developing countries – I relaxed.  And I had fun.

I was so amazed at how generous the crowd of 250 people was, spending hundreds of dollars on a desserts and thousands for new legs for amputees in developing countries. Way to go POF supporters!  Many people with mobility impairments in developing countries will walk again thanks to you.

It is an honor be an ambassador for this wonderful organization and to have had the opportunity to speak on their behalf last night.

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2 Responses to A Wonderful Night

  1. Wonderful, Colleen! What a great cause and how nice of you to go all the way to Seattle to speak on behalf of this good cause. Love, Meredith

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