Life in the Labyrinth

the labyrinth - a work in progress

I took a walk in my labyrinth tonight. I wove myself through the circle as if through the weft and warp of a circular area rug. When I started the walk, I took a good look at the structure to evaluate and see what needs to be finished. First I examined the bricks lining the grass pathways. I grumbled as I noticed they lay uneven. I walked over weeds and reminded myself to yank them out tomorrow. I walked over bare patches in the grass where I pulled weeds a few weeks ago, proud that I had rid my peaceful spot of such ugliness. And I was irritated the 35 foot circular area wasn’t even. The slight ups and downs make walking harder for me.

And then I realized that my life is a lot like this labyrinth.

The structure of my life lays a little catawampus sometimes, just like those bricks. I could certainly use some straightening out. As I walked around the labyrinth I could truly see the beauty in this organic-looking placement. I could have paid someone to install the labyrinth, but we did it our way. Isn’t that how I live my life, even if it turns out imperfect and a little messy?

I reminded myself that the very weeds I want to pull are also plants that have something to give. The Dandelion and the Plantain both have medicinal properties that aid the human body. I thought about the experiences or parts of myself that I want to yank out of my life. I know they have something useful for me. It’s all about whether I want to take the time, to shift my perspective so as to discover what that is.

And those ups and downs I had to walk over? Well, unless I walk a perfectly manicured labyrinth somewhere else, I’ll just have to get used to the ups and downs of life in my own labyrinth.

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