Day 22

When opportunity knocks, I generally answer the door.

Today Tessa was invited to play at the school playground. As I was driving her to school it dawned on me that I could meet my initial goal of walking her to school. Well, I’d be walking her back from school, but the intention is the same. So, I drove back home and, fifteen minutes before it was time to pick her up, I donned my coat, pleaded with my son to join me, harnessed up the dog, and set off on my mile walk.

It was a lovely day to walk. Spring is showing her sweet, innocent face already. I was able to talk with my son about school. Before I knew it, we were at school and it was time to turn around and walk the half a mile back home.

The walk home was pleasant and relatively pain free. I was more invested in talking with the kids than I was in paying attention to the walk. And I realize now how normal that was.

So no fanfare, no confetti thrown at me upon my arrival home, no cheers and whistles. Just a normal, everyday kind of walk to pick my daughter up from the school playground.

What an opportunity.

Now I plan for my two mile hike. I want to walk and smell the cedar and fir trees while I sweat from climbing a hill. I want to be breathless, not only from the hike, but from my surroundings.

And maybe we’ll bring some confetti to celebrate.

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One Response to Day 22

  1. Anonymous says:

    YEAH! Congratulations! See….sometimes it just happens. Happy Imbolc. Kevin and Molly.

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